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Market Alerts - 11-25-2016

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GARLIC: The garlic market continues to be volatile. Demand exceeds supply. The CA harvest finished last month and crops were down 15-30% from where we had hoped they would be. We are uncertain where the supply on garlic from China will be, we are hearing that it will get even tighter, but we are uncertain. Quality remains good and we will keep you posted as we hear what China will be doing.

GREEN BEANS: Prices have declined to more reasonable levels in the west, as production has increased in Coachella. Strong demand for Thanksgiving business has prices moving higher for beans in Florida, although prices remain favorable compared to the market in the west.

STRAWBERRIES: The strawberry season from the Watsonville and Salinas growing regions is done for the year. The remaining regions (Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Central Mexico) are harvesting low volumes, with this trend continuing for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Contributing factors to the low supplies are weather, planted acreage in Oxnard being down from a year ago, and labor. Quality will continue to be inconsistent depending on location, with some reporting good quality. We are seeing this market improve slightly, but expect to see a lot of ups and downs with this commodity as we move into December.


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