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Harvest To Order Availability

Unity Food Hub and Native Maine availability list for harvest to order local (Maine) products.

Here’s a run-down on how ordering works:

  1. You will place your Harvest to Order selection with Native Maine any time (updated on Friday morning) until Sunday at 5pm. Place your order by calling 207-856-1100. (Note- these items can’t be ordered online as they are not yet harvested/in inventory.) Customers may leave an order with a “live” customer service representative or on voicemail by pressing 3.
    **To help ensure orders are processed accurately, customers need to mention that they are placing an order from the “Unity Food Hub list” when talking to a customer service rep or when leaving their message.**
  2. Customer service reps write up the special Unity Food Hub orders as standard Native Maine special orders.
  3. You will receive your order by end of day Thursday if in Portland and on Friday for all other locations.

This ordering timeline is in place to ensure that product is as fresh as possible when delivered to you... which is why we are calling this the Harvest to Order list. Basically, at the beginning of the week, Unity Food Hub will coordinate harvest orders with farms, they pick, we aggregate, ship to Native Maine and Native Maine delivers to you with any other items you are ordering from their regular inventory.

Orders are due in to Native Maine by Sunday @ 5pm.

Thanks for all you do and your interest in supporting Maine’s farmers and food producers!

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