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Market Alert Dec 11, 2017

Please be advised of the following market alerts and conditions impacting quality, price and availability.

AVOCADOS - ESCALATED We are seeing ongoing issues with the supply of avocados crossing the border from Mexico. These issues are the result of continued closures of several packing sheds in the region. These closures are the result of a politically-driven decision made by the board of elected growers in Mexico. Due to the nature of the root cause of these closures, domestic marketing companies have no control over supply and no way to influence the re-opening of these facilities. As a result, we are anticipating a steady increase in FOB prices at the border over the next several weeks, despite the Minister of Agriculture for Mexico stepping in to attempt to resolve these political issues. We don’t have any hard information about a timetable for negotiation or resolution of these issues and have been apprised of rumors of organized shutdowns occurring this weekend, which will further tighten supply.

CARROTS - ESCALATED Due to the heat and rain, we are seeing some quality issues and a shortage on jumbo supplies as well as tables and cello

LEMONS - EXTREME Recently, a fire started just northeast of Santa Paula, CA. Due to high winds, the fire moved primarily westward toward Ventura burning over 31,000 acres by this morning and is 0% contained at this point. The city of Ventura currently has structural fires in the downtown area. The fire line has stayed just north of our growers' offices and packing houses.

MUSHROOM - ESCALATED Mushroom growers have suffered damage in the South and Southeast, as well as Puerto Rico. Hurricane Harvey and Irma have resulted in a tightening market, and the American Mushroom Institute said it expects supply to be affected for several months.

ONIONS - ESCALATED All indications are showing that supplies are significantly shorter than previous seasons. It is likely that we will see pricing remain elevated as demand exceeds supplies. Sizing is peaking mostly on mediums and jumbos with fewer big onions, but size overall has become better. Transportation in this region has been the largest factor keeping pricing where it is as trucks have been extremely tight. This is forcing heavier movement from regions outside of the northwest which has forced that area to keep pricing where it is at.

SNOW AND SUGAR SNAP PEAS - ESCALATED Snow and sugar snap peas are in high demand and markets are extremely tight.

STRAWBERRIES - ESCALATED The market is getting very active, with much higher prices and a shortage in supply. Salinas is done and we are now transitioning to Mexican berries and Oxnard.




Rounds: EXTREME The Ruskin/Palmetto region is still seeing shortfalls, as well as a demand exceeds supply condition. We do not anticipate any relief until the week of Christmas as we expect Immokalee to finally begin production. For product that is available, quality is good and FOB prices are up over 20 dollars from last week.
Romas: EXTREME We are still seeing lighter than normal supply and expect similar conditions for Rounds.

Grapes: ESCALATED Ruskin/Palmetto are seeing major supply shortfalls; however, supplies are improving. Please note though that we are still seeing a demand exceeds supply condition. For product that is available, quality is good and FOB prices have INCREASED. We expect no significant relief until at least the middle of December.

Cherries: ESCALATED Ruskin/Palmetto are seeing major supply shortfalls. For product that is available, quality is good.


Rounds: ESCALATED Vine-ripe production is at an all-time low crossing through Otay and McAllen. We are seeing demand exceed supply conditions on all Mexican production this week. All of this is a result of cold weather in Central Mexico that has literally stopped production. FOB prices are up over 20 dollars form last week.

Romas: We are seeing a demand exceeds supply condition through Otay and McAllen, and we do not expect relief until we see product availability in Nogales late next week. FOB’s are up over 20 dollars from last week.

Grapes: ESCALATED Crossings have improved slightly, but we continue to see all-time lows this week due to bloom drop and supply gaps in all Baja districts. We have seen a slight increase in FOB prices.

Cherries: ESCALATED We are seeing a demand exceeds supply condition this week and we expect no relief until another two weeks from now.

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