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Market Alert Jan 15, 2018

Please be advised of the following market alerts and conditions impacting quality, price and availability.

ASPARAGUS - ESCALATED Supplies are short and prices are higher, but quality is good.

BABY KALE BLENDS - ESCALATED Baby kale blends are extremely tight right now, with increased prices and major quality issues in the fields. This setback is forecasted to last for at least another week or two.


Blueberries: ESCALATED Availability is lighter due to the cooler weather and limited labor in Mexico; FOB prices are high and quality is fair.

Blackberries: ESCALATED Volume is light, quality is in question due to weather with the potential for rain on the horizon for this coming week. FOB prices are also high.

Raspberries: ESCALATED Volume is very light due to weather impacts and FOB prices are escalated.

Strawberries: ESCALATED The market is VERY ACTIVE and FOB prices are much higher this week. We are also seeing quality issues due to rain in California as well as Florida with supply shortages eminent over the next week and potentially longer. Supplies are better through McAllen; however, due to logistics shortages, it’s very difficult loading trucks out of the region.

BROCCOLI - ESCALATED Supplies are short and prices are high, but quality is good.

CILANTRO - ESCALATED Supplies are limited and we are seeing quality issues due to cooler weather.

GREEN ONIONS - ESCALATED Iced: We are still seeing elevated prices; however, the market is beginning to improve.

BABY SPINACH - ESCALATED Baby and clipped spinach supplies are low. We are seeing average to poor quality.​

MUSHROOM - ESCALATED Mushroom growers have suffered damage in the South and Southeast, as well as Puerto Rico. Hurricane Harvey and Irma have resulted in a tightening market, and the American Mushroom Institute said it expects supply to be affected for several months.

LEMONS - EXTREME All crops came up very short, we are in a demand exceeds supply on all small fruit and expect to see this issue for the next eight weeks. We suggest moving to bigger fruit.

ORANGES - EXTREME California orange supplies during Quarter 1 will carry a larger than normal size structure, making 88S/113S/138S increasingly difficult. Shippers are expecting a 30% reduction in 113S and a 50% reduction in 138S versus this time last year. Expect higher prices overall with fruit expected to peak 72/56.



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